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Sandra Rinaldi
Mar 12, 2021
· 2 mins
Who needs sleep?

The answer to that question is simple right? All of us need sleep.

But is sleep underestimated by most in viewing it as an essential part of their health? YES.

Our bodies are our temples (cheesy I know but also true) so let's treat it better, shall we?

BUT FIRST! In a nutshell!

Your body's circadian rhythm that governs the release of certain hormones is challenged and your blood sugar levels are compromised when lacking restful sleep!

Why is that bad? Because balancing your blood sugar levels is essential for overall good health, preventing diabetes and staying off the sugar cravings train... which is so important! We've all been there. I know.

But what happens exactly? Lack of sleep makes your cortisol hormone level rise. It also makes the Ghrelin hormone rise (which is produced in the stomach aka the hunger hormone - could you believe there is such a thing?) Cortisol and Ghrelin wreak havoc by increasing your comfort food cravings and store fat you don't need .. especially around the belly area! Anyone been wondering why you have a few extra unwanted pounds that are sticking around? Lack of sleep may be the culprit.

The good news is I have some pretty simple tips to help you sleep better! Woo Hoo!

It is all encompassing in what we like to call the POWER DOWN HOUR.

One hour before bed, you should be preparing for sleep. Here are some things you can do to prepare for a restful night of snooze:

  1. Power off brain stimulating devices such as TV, electronics (yes I said it.. no web surfing, no social viewing or posting. Take a break!)
  2. Do some restorative stretching (the down dog app is a good one) listening to some calm music (doesn't have to be spa music just lay off the high beat techno at this time!)
  3. Take a bath with some epsom salt (releases muscle tension) and/or aromatics such as lavender (relaxes your senses)
  4. Journal! DUMP your day away in a journal so it doesn't come with you to dreamland. Finish your entry with some gratitude so THAT will put you in the right state of mind to have sweet dream.

There are other things you can do to help induce sleep like:

  • Make sure your bedroom is a dark, quiet place.
  • Lay off caffeine past 2 pm.
  • Eat your last meal at least 2 hours before bed. You want to have time to digest before hitting the sack or else your system will be working overtime preventing you from really resting.

Now you ask.. but Sandra, how many hours is enough? Generally 7-9 hours is enough however everyone is different. If you experience daytime sleepiness and fatigue, it may be you need a little more z's.

Sandra Rinaldi

Health and Life Coach

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Sandra Rinaldi
Dec 9, 2019
· 1 min

What does perfection mean to you?

My entire life, I strived to be perfect.

The perfect kid.

The perfect student.

The perfect athlete.

The perfect teammate.

The perfect colleague.

The perfect boss.

The perfect wife.

Anyone with me?

The things with perfection.. it’s unattainable.

A life lived with NO mistakes is non-existent.

You are running towards an invisible finish line.. You just keep running.

What if you can reframe the word perfection into greatness.

Striving to be GREAT. Yes!

Let’s stop using perfect, shall we? Let’s start using great.

Great is hope, it’s love, it’s kindness, it’s success and everything that is good.

Embrace your imperfections, laugh through your clumsiness, be proud of your achievements and LOVE who you are.

And everyday, strive to be great… not perfect.

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Sandra Rinaldi
Nov 19, 2019
· 1 min
Give yourself some loooove :)

Let’s talk self care! More importantly

How about your mind? Do you consciously take care of what’s between your ears? And I’m not talking hair care! Your mind basically makes 35 000 decisions daily.. That’s a lot of brain activity. I wonder how that converts in km run? Must be a lot!

Pile on the types of food you eat, daily stress levels that can occur and whether or not you start off your day with a good night’s sleep... your mind needs care.

Doesn’t have to be complicated!

Simple things like for example:

A hot bath with epsom salts and your favorite essential oils (30 min)

Reading before bed, during lunch or whenever it suits your schedule (30 min)

A nap (20 min)

Meditation (5 min - 30 min)

Yoga or any physical activity you enjoy (one hour)

A walk outside (15 min - one hour)

A hike (one hour)

Journaling (5 min - 15 min)

A little dose of sunshine (5 min - 15 min)

Mindful breathing (5 min)

Mindful check in (5 min)

I used to work. A lot. And work some more. And even when I wasn’t physically at my office working, I would still work. Sound familiar? Maybe you are thinking that I don’t understand. You’re wrong, I do.


Do you look at this list above and say.. There is no way. It’s impossible. I have too much stuff to do, I have too many responsibilities, I don’t have time.


I can help.

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Sandra Rinaldi
Nov 13, 2019
· 1 min
Sugar... the culprit.

Do you know the difference between simple and complex carbs?

Simple Carbs: Glucose / Fructose / Lactose / Maltose (check the labels on the food in your pantry to spot these)

These simple sugars provide you with a quick burst of energy followed by a crash

Complex Carbs: Legumes, Quinoa, Beans, Brown Rice, Whole grains,Veggies are some examples. These take the body a lot longer to break down and don’t dramatically spike your blood sugar levels.

One simple carb to avoid: PROCESSED SUGAR! Besides it being sweet, tasty and a quick “fix”.. That’s where it stops. Nothing good for the body :(

If you want a simple sugar - I suggest going the natural route like organic honey, real maple syrup or even sugar made from plants (I prefer monk fruit sugar myself but make sure it's not processed with other sugars!) and trying to incorporate those in some baking recipes instead of refined white sugar... Holiday baking is right around the corner!

Poor blood sugar balance can cause a series of negative impacts on your health like:

Depression // increases cancer risk // weight gain and more.

Balancing your blood sugar levels is one of the most important things you can do to live a healthy lifestyle.

Besides the will and the want ;), it only takes a few days to get off sugar and feel fine. Trust me, if I can do.. so can you.

Let me know in the comments below if you would like me to post a recipe or two of healthier versions of a sweet dessert!


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Sandra Rinaldi
Mar 2, 2021
· 4 mins
My take on self-confidence by Sandra Rinaldi CHC CLC

Self-confidence is a deep trust in your abilities, your decisions, your qualities, and your person.

How many of us are born with that deep trust in ourselves only to have it shattered living through certain experiences? Some of these experiences may be personal like a betrayal or voiced negative opinions whether it would be by friends, lovers, family, or even strangers. Some of these experiences may be professional like a peer or boss voicing their discontentment with your work, being passed up for a promotion, or feeling like people just do not like you.

Who has been there? I have. Your now shattered self-confidence follows you everywhere and is the base of your thoughts about yourself, others, and the world. Your bias becomes loud, your paranoia becomes evident and everything just seems harder, darker, and less attainable. That job, that relationship, that social life, that future… blurry at best.

Let me elaborate here about what I have seen is the biggest issue with poor self-confidence: thinking and believing that the opinions of others matter MORE than the opinion you have of yourself. Whoa. Revelation. These are the opinions you know others have of you or sometimes these opinions are just stories you make up in your head.

The truth is, I work on this issue with clients more than any other issue. So why do we do this? Why do the opinions of others matter so much and to the detriment of our own well-being?

Belonging. Everyone wants and needs to belong.

Love. Everyone wants and needs to be loved.

These 2 very powerful words make up 2 of human’s basic needs. And they are anything but basic. They are part of the foundation of who we are as people. Belonging and love are essential in a human's optimal well-being.

Does this mean you are destined to live a life of self-doubt? Not if you are willing to tweak some things that are going on between both ears. A shift in your mindset can be the answer you have been looking for.

Your thoughts create beliefs

Your thoughts create beliefs that design how you act on a day to day basis. Consciously or not, well intentioned or not. These thoughts will form beliefs about yourself and the world and determine the quality of your life.

So those voiced opinions of others I was writing about earlier, learn to forgive those. Look at them with curiosity, empathy and understanding. Once you forgive them, they dissolve. They no longer dictate your feelings about yourself, your path, your purpose or your life. You will learn to co-exist with them every day, but they won’t change you, your mood or your way.

In order to make better decisions on how you want to show up for yourself and the world, BE AWARE. Think about what you are thinking. Observe your patterns. If you come to the conclusion that your mindset is not in a good place, YOU have the power to change that. Confidence comes with consciously making the best decisions for you at any given time and knowing you are capable of being in charge of your well-being and happiness. Confidence also comes with the knowledge that any decision you do make that doesn’t turn out as intended, you can handle. Now that is valuable.

Your self-worth comes from self. You belong to you first and foremost.

There is only one unique version of you on this planet. Why not make it count? Why not make it the best, most honest version of you there is filled with joy & happiness?

Yes, you can

Commit to yourself every day. Commit to being happy, positive, uplifted and confident. Consistently search for the good, take the higher road, look for the silver lining. Apply that even when it’s hard & challenging as life tends to be at times. Practice an attitude of gratitude daily.

Self-confidence comes from being 100% happy being you. That will lead to wanting to be a better you. Happy self tends to want to seek the best self.

So why go through all this hard work? Because it’s the best work. It’s what is going to drive you to happiness, self-fulfillment and achieving your biggest dreams.

Remember, it all starts with you... and you are enough.

Coach Sandra Rinaldi CHC CLC



As a Certified Life & Health Coach, Sandra Rinaldi’s great passion is bringing people to realize their self-worth. She helps women, men and teens find healthy perceptions of themselves by using proven tools and strategies. Her programs have provided numerous success stories where her clients have gone on to realize their full potential personally and professionally.

If you want to gain or regain self-confidence, reach out and she will guide you towards self-fulfilled love and happiness in order to achieve higher goals personally or professionally. Book her free Uncover The Truth Breakthrough Call here:

You can find her on social

IG: @sandrarinaldi

Join her private FB Group: Coach Sandra’s ThriveHive

LinkedIn: Sandra Rinaldi

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Sandra Rinaldi
Dec 9, 2019
· 1 min

I’m sure a lot of you have heard that one before, right?

“Hey, smell the flowers!”

What does it mean for you?

What if you would see that phrase in a positive light instead of negative.

Instead of feeling like no one understands you in that moment.

What if you rephrase it in your mind?

For me, it means PERSPECTIVE.

We all have the choice of perspective.

We all have the choice of seeing situations one way or another, yes even the toughest situations. It’s hard when you are battling your negative mindset to see and smell the flowers. How freeing would it be able to beat that negative mindset?

What if you can see the beauty in failure. Say that one again.

The beauty of failure.


For me, the beauty in failure is growth. If I did not fail at this, I wouldn’t of have learned that.

I wouldn’t of have gained strength. I wouldn’t of have created a habit if resilience.

Failure is such a gift because it enables you to live through something HARD and land on the other side better… if you smell the flowers.


flower fields

What situations have you lived through where you smelled the flowers?

Share in the comment below and inspire others!

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Sandra Rinaldi
Nov 13, 2019
· 1 min
Everyone always says that stress is the culprit of all. Who’s heard that one before.. πŸ™‹‍β™€οΈπŸ™‹‍β™€οΈπŸ™‹‍♀️ And who rolls their eyes at that phrase as if to disregard its accuracy. πŸ™„The truth is that stress is a HUGE culprit of many things. Did you know it is perfectly linked to:

IF and HOW you digest food? πŸ€” The # 1 digestive shut down = STRESS. πŸ™†‍♀️

Without being too scientific - the part of your nervous system that handles digestion is called autonomic nervous system or ANS. The ANS stimulates enzymatic secretions to get the digestive system flowing for optimum nutrient absorption.

The ANS has 2 branches: Parasympathetic : turns ON digestion and turns OFF stress Sympathetic: turns ON stress and turns OFF digestions

When you are stressed, whether it'd be conscious or subconscious (the brain does not know the difference!) your sympathetic nerve fibers do their work and shut down digestion.

So, if you are experiencing digestion issues such as gas, bloating, cramps, pain, irregular bowel movement.. STRESS could be the culprit.

You can monitor your daily stress level and see if it’s affecting you. If it is, digging deeper into why could save you a lot of physical and emotional strain let alone over the counter meds.


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Sandra Rinaldi
Oct 24, 2019
· 1 min
Oxygen: Breathe more, Burn more.

I have come to discover an incredible secret that I am going to share with all of you.

Are you ready?

Oxygen helps you burn more calories, but not how you think.

Yes of course breathing deeply during exercise helps you burn calories. That is a known fact.. however did you know it also helps burn calories when you are consuming a meal? Didn't think so... best kept secret!

Let me explain so it all makes sense.

Our intestines have little loops called VILLI. Their primary job is to absorb nutrients. They also extract large quantities of oxygen to facilitate the breakdown of your meal.

When your blood lacks oxygen for the villi to pick up, your nutrient absorption decreases... which decreases your metabolism. Uh oh.

Does anyone want a slow metabolism? Hell no.

Oxygen intake = metabolism speed increase!

You could be eating the best superfoods everyday however if you eat too fast and don't properly breathe between bites, you're actually slowing down your nutrient absorption and your metabolism.

Another great thing about properly breathing when eating is setting your body up to be relaxed. A relaxed state is the only way to properly digest the incoming of food!

Soooooo, how do you remember to properly breathe between bites? I always find it easiest to associate one thing with another. Here are some examples:

1 - Every time you put your fork down, take a deep breath

2 - Every time you reach for your drink of choice, take a deep breath

3 - If you watch TV while you eat, take a deep breath at every commercial

4 - If you eat with a partner or family, consciously pledge to remind yourselves during the meal to breathe

So let's be honest, oxygen is vital to living. Literally. And now to think it can possibly burn you calories while you eat? I say make the effort. It's free, it's easy and hey.. it might shed you a couple pounds.

Sandra Rinaldi

Health and Life Coach

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Sandra Rinaldi
Apr 25, 2020
· 4 mins
8 ways to regain your power when you feel powerless - collab with and written by Anouare Abdou

When life throws you a curveball, it's easy to feel completely overwhelmed and helpless. It's only human. But there are things you can do to get your power back and move towards a better state of mind, one that will allow you to deal with challenges more constructively. Life and health coach Sandra Rinaldi says that she's helping her clients find their source of inner power while navigating the pandemic: "We are creating a space of personal power. Regardless of what is happening, you are in charge of your perspective, your outlook, your thoughts. We focus on the power from within and that is the most powerful of all."

Yes, feeling empowered when it seems the whole world is collapsing around you is easier said than done. The key is to think of empowerment as something you do and practice — a series of small habits to embrace both good and bad days. "Habits are rituals and thoughts you do or think every day without even being conscious of them. The key to living an empowered life is to create awareness around those rituals and thoughts. Without awareness first, change is impossible. Once you become aware of the rituals and thoughts that no longer serve you, you can adopt small, consistent changes towards [more empowering ones]," says Rinaldi. 

Ready to feel more in control? Here are eight ways to regain your power when you feel powerless. 

Practice acceptance

There is nothing worse than beating yourself up for feeling disempowered. It will only lead you further down a negative spiral. The first thing you want to do is accept the circumstances and your reaction to them without judgment. "Acknowledge and accept that this is where you are and that is OK. Then, remove all judgment towards yourself and look at the situation with curiosity. Why am I feeling this way? Where is this coming from? Forgive yourself and know it’s a new day, a new moment, a new decision. It’s never too late," says Rinaldi.

Get into a routine

Having a stable routine gives you a sense of control. "Plan out your day/week with realistic tasks to accomplish. Wake up and go to sleep at regular times — seven to nine hours of sleep is ideal," says Rinaldi. According to her, we still need to feel a certain sense of purpose during these surreal times of lockdown and social distancing. And that can come from the simple things you do every day. "Use this time to take care of yourself and your family, get stuff checked off your list and enjoy this pace while it lasts."

Focus on what is going well

“When you recognize what you do have, you have more. Focus on the things around you and in your life that bring you positive energy, shelter, love, belonging, stimulation and happiness. Saying them out loud, writing them in a journal or sharing these with a friend or family member will make them feel even more present,” says Rinaldi. 

If everything feels like it’s falling apart and remaining positive is a struggle, find the smallest, most basic things to appreciate and write them on a piece of paper on a daily basis. You’ll soon find yourself noticing more of what is going well and building positive momentum.

Pace yourself

If you’re feeling powerless, this is not the time to accomplish 100 things in one day or perform at your highest capacity. Biting more than you can chew can make you feel even more disempowered. Instead, focus on taking one step at a time and making note of your progress — even if it’s slow and steady. “Pace yourself, especially if you are dealing with being a parent, working from home and everything else,” says Rinaldi.

Create boundaries

Rinaldi says that setting boundaries and creating time for yourself is really important in situations when you are feeling overwhelmed. “Create boundaries that are going to keep you in a good headspace and stick to them. Boundaries can be set around logging off work, getting a good night’s sleep, getting in some body movement everyday or dedicated time alone. If you create a boundary of not answering emails past 6 p.m. or taking any calls on the weekend, stick to it and use the extra time to do things you love.”


Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all. “Surrender the things you cannot control. The word surrender is such a powerful word! I think empowered living isn’t about being weighed down by things we cannot control. Consciously accepting that there are things that are out of our control and surrendering to something greater is imperative,” says Rinaldi. “Focus on the things you can do. Surrender and let go of the rest.”

Move your body

“Empowered living also means taking care of your body and moving. Keep those legs and arms moving, keep your heart pumping for 30 min every day and you will keep your mind clear and your body strong,” says Rinaldi. Not in the mood for a full-blown workout? Something as simple and gentle as going for a walk will help get your blood flowing and shift your mood to a more empowered state.

Get professional support

There is no shame in getting help. In fact, it’s one of the best things you can do when you’ve lost your sense of power. “Sometimes you need the help of a professional to get to a place of light and empowerment. A therapist or coach would likely be very helpful in getting you there by working through the issues with you and providing long-term tools to keep you on track and happy,” says Rinaldi.


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Sandra Rinaldi
Nov 19, 2019
· 1 min
How I can help.

Do you know what a certified life and health coach actually does?

You are not the only one!

This profession has only existed for the last 20 year but it’s growing at light speed rates!

I am combining my 20 years of experience managing people with the education I am receiving at the Health Coach Institute to be a catalyst of change for anyone who wants or needs it.

But seriously what does that really mean?

Here are some concrete examples of who I’m speaking to:

Anyone who feels stuck (in a relationship that isn’t serving them, in a thinking pattern that is self destructive, in a job or career that isn’t motivating, in a weight loss struggle that isn’t getting results, in the overwhelm and chaos of life)

Anyone who wants to achieve something, a goal, but doesn’t know where to start, how to manage, what to do.

Anyone that is ready to transition from one career to another

Anyone that is transitioning into retirement

Anyone that wants to make lifestyle changes to feel physically and mentally healthy and happy

Does that make things clearer? I hope so!

That’s where I come in. I can make a difference in the lives of those individuals by guiding them out of their current situation and into a better future using the habit change coaching method and beyond.

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Sandra Rinaldi
Nov 13, 2019
· 2 mins
Overcoming Self Doubt
Has anyone else been through the roller coaster of self doubt? Let me tell ya, it’s something. You can be the most confident, intelligent, strong person out there but at some point this sense of doubt creeps through your mind like an unwanted case of the flu. Truth.

The thing with self doubt is it comes at any moment… even after the shiniest of accomplishments.

2 things that make up self doubt in your mind: AM I…? SHOULD I HAVE…?

Am I making the right decision?

Am I eating the right?

Am I taking too much of a long break?

Should I have said that?

Should I have done that?

In order to remove self doubt or at least combat it, we need to change the narrative in our minds. Phrases like above can be destructive especially if you harp on them for an extensive amount of time.. which can also cause anxiety.

Easy things you can remember to do when in self doubt:

Don’t get stuck in the comparison trap: every one of us have our own path and they are all different. EMBRACE yours. Once you clearly understand that AND that some things are out of your control, you will overcome it.

Simply tell yourself to stop. Easier said that done right? I never said it was going to be easy however you need to have the will to be better. It’s not worth the worry or time. You are in this moment for a reason. EMBRACE it.

Live with the decisions you make! EMBRACE them. Remind yourself of the reasons behind them, that will help you see clearly and know you are on the right track.

Life is a journey and no one is perfect.

Sometimes, it’s easier to cheer for the WINS and harder to recognize the LESSONS of growth.

You are stronger than you think or give yourself credit for. I applaud YOU for your courage.

Now go about your day and remember self care should be a part of your life, everyday, in some way. A happier, healthier you is all you can strive to be. The rest will follow suit.