One on One Coaching

My coaching programs are designed to get you on your journey to better. I'll be your cheerleader, your teacher and your accountability partner. I promise to hold you to the highest regard, even on the days when you cannot.

Leaning on a coach is sometimes viewed as a hoax. I've heard that!
There is so much information out there that can lead you to be skeptical.
I get it. I was there too!
Until I decided to embark on my journey with my own coaches. Then, I understood.
It wasn't that I was broken and I needed fixing. It was that I was lost and needed guidance.
I needed tools, I needed insight and help in self reflection.
I needed a teacher, a mentor, a guide towards being better and happier in my life.
That's what coaching is about.

It's not about magic, an easy way out or a quick fix.
It's about hard work on being the best version of yourself. It's about change, in the best way.
It's about creating habits that serve you better.
It's about living life... happy.

And programs, well, those are designed to help you get there.


Discovery Call

We Discuss:
  • Where you are in your life and why you may be seeking coaching
  • What you want and need right now in your life
  • As your coach, how I can help you achieve what you desire
  • All the questions you have about the programs and coaching including costs/payment plans and scheduling
We Determine:
  • If we are a good fit together
  • If I am what you need at this time
  • Which program or session bundle best suits your needs
  • How we move forward

Confidence is Key

Confidence is Key is a 90-day transformative coaching program that helps adult women and men build or rebuild their self confidence, self trust, self love and self worth.
This program is designed to help you achieve your personal and professional goals around self confidence, WHICH IS AT THE BASE OF EVERYTHING in your life.

Living With Anxiety

Living With Anxiety is a four weeks plus program destined to help you understand and cope with your anxiety and overwhelming stress. It's meant to introduce you to a new perspective and way of thinking in order to reduce the debilitating thoughts and physical symptoms that accompany and anxiety disorder.

Clear the Path

Clear the Path is a 90-minute session that prepares you for your dream job interview in a management position. If you are looking to be best prepared for your next big move, this is a perfect way to ensure your success.
Offered in English or French.

Become an Author

Become an Author  is a 90-day program that will guide you towards writing your first book! Whether fiction or nonfiction, I will help you with creating the right mindset and provide practical tools and insights on putting your thoughts and ideas to the page. Your first ever book is just waiting to come to life and be enjoyed by many!

One Session

If you are familiar or not with coaching and we determine in our call that this is the best way to help you, then we book just one session. We can further determine in our one session what the next steps are.

These programs are designed by me, for you.
Every session is different and always full of teachings, exercises and self reflection.
It's actually FUN too!