Hi! I’m Sandra Rinaldi, a Certified Life & Youth Coach residing in Montreal, Canada. Besides serving and helping humans, I am obsessed with dogs, great food, romance and self help books and making memories with the ones I love most.

After a 20 year career working in live entertainment as a marketing and communication executive, my life flipped upside down but truly flipped upside up. I changed the direction of my existence and went back to school to become a life coach.

I opened my practice in January 2020 and never looked back. It is simply the best work I will ever accomplish. Helping others is my purpose and mission.

I have been through a slew of personal struggles. From losing my self confidence during my corporate career, to years of in vitro fertilization with no avail, then marital issues, also living with anxiety disorder and going through surgery. Through all of it, I became the best version of me (which is still evolving every day!). I know the struggle! I have lived through hard times. I have however built a strong mental resilience that has pushed me past everything. I want to do that for you.

Life is full of experiences, challenging ones and triumphant ones. The key to living happy and at peace is knowing how to live through all of it with a healthy mindset. You can get through anything. You just have to work on creating that mindset for yourself. And that... Is where I come in to help.

Can’t wait to meet you.

Coach Sandra