Become Unstoppable, a coaching series by Sandra Rinaldi, focuses on growing self belief. Self belief is something that you can build with the right tools and teachings. It will create the life you want, however big or small your dreams are! Knowing you are capable of accomplishing your goals is truly where success starts.

These offers are tailored for every budget, time investment and type of learning that is convenient for you. What matters most... START!

From the Become Unstoppable Coaching Series by Sandra Rinaldi


The 5 Pillars of Transformation - EBOOK

The 5 Pillars of Transformation will teach you about self identity, self belief and habit creation. If you are wondering HOW can I start changing, transforming? THIS is for you. This is a downloadable ebook that includes all teachings and worksheets. It will get you on your way to building yourself UP and FORWARD!

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Reclaim Your Life After 40 - ONE ON ONE COACHING

Reclaim your life after 40 is about taking ownership of your life after you turn 40. Whether your babies are grown and you need a new purpose, whether you are experiencing life after divorce, whether you are in between careers, feel lost, unworthy, undesired or just plain exhausted - THIS program is for YOU! We will touch on the 5 pillars of transformation, self sabotage, self acceptance and love, priorities and boundaries and more!  This one on one coaching program is available for 6 or 12 sessions. The 12 session program will also explore managing emotions and healing old wounds. We will determine this in our discovery call.

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