Live Events

Connect, Grow and Graze, in person workshops.
These live workshop events feature different themes and speakers. Our focus is on three main areas: great food, learning from experts in their fields and connecting, whether personal or business, with like minded individuals. These events will have an inviting vibe and a takeaway experience. Very limited capacity.

All coming up Connect, Grow & Graze live events will be featured here.

Keynote Speaker

Sandra’s story, expertise and ability to connect with people and audiences will leave them feeling inspired, motivated and ready to take action. Whether you're planning a corporate workshop, seminar, or are in need of a keynote speaker for different events and retreats, Sandra is a sure bet to inspire, entertain and leave a lasting positive imprint on whoever she encounters.

Signature keynotes include:
  • Victim to Empowered (Taking Control of your Life and Living)
  • Manifesting through self-belief (Manifesting the Life you Want)
  • Become Unstoppable (Building Self-Confidence & Belief)

Additional topics are available upon request. These keynotes are great for corporate events & workshops, group workshops of any kind that include keynote speakers and retreats.


Signature workshops include:
  • Healing Anxiety (Teaching tools on healing anxiety)
  • The 5 Pillars of Transformation (Teaching on how to create change in your life)

Additional workshops are available upon request. These workshops are great for corporate groups, schools, small groups and retreats.